The Space bookings dashboard


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The Space Bookings dashboard helps you understand space utilization within your office(s).

It provides you with a number of different ways to slice your space usage data: space type, capacity, day, floor building, campus, and department. Knowing this information can provide insight into the types of spaces that are most frequently used and those that are rarely used that may be worth repurposing.

You can further drill down into this data and view what the spaces were used for. For example, what conference rooms were the most used, etc.

You can also better understand attendance vs. cancellations across your spaces to help you understand whether people are actually utilizing the spaces they book.

Any semblance of high cancellation rates, whether manual or automatic, via abandoned desk protection, may be worth drilling down into so you can determine the best policies for space usage. Sometimes shortening the window in which people can book spaces can ensure they're actually used, or increasing the abandoned meeting protection threshold.

Last but not least, you can view a table that showcases your most utilized spaces and additional details like capacity, space type, and location information.

space bookings tab.png

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