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The Ad Hoc Collaboration Dashboard focuses on the data that goes into calculating the Ad Hoc Collaboration Score

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What can I learn from this chart?

What can I do with this information?

How many people sit near each other by department?

This data shows you which departments are most likely to sit near other people. The graph shows you the average number of people that someone in the department sits next to within the date range.

What percentage of people, on average, sat alone in each department?

This data shows you the percentage of people within each department who sat alone in a section of the office within the date range.

How are departments distributed within office pods?

This data shows you of all the people who are coming into your office, how many sat alone, how many sat with people in their same department, and how many sat with people from other departments.Sitting together is defined as sitting in the same desk pod. This data can be filtered by department. 

What was the average number of people who sat together each week?

This data breaks down the distribution of how people are sitting by day of the week.

How is seating proximity trending by week?

This data shows how many people tend to sit near one another week over week. If you implement anchor days or ask people to choose desks that are near one another, you should see this trend up over time.

What is the average number of employees sitting near each employee by day of the week?

This data shows you the average number of people that any other employee sat in close proximity to by day of the week. The days when you have more people in the office should correlate to people sitting closer to one another.


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