Desk Bookings (Advanced) Dashboard


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The Desk Bookings (Advanced) Dashboard focuses on desk bookings rates, methods, and trends.

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What is the purpose of this chart? What is this chart showing?
Daily Bookable Desks Shows the average number of active desks per day in the selected timeframe
Daily Desks Booked Shows the average number of desks booked per day in the selected timeframe
Booking Rate Shows the rate of bookable desks to desks booked in the selected timeframe
Booking rate month-to-month Shows the rate of booked to not booked desks each month. Ideally the percentage of booked desks is increasing over time.
Booking trends over time Shows desks booked compared to total number of desks available over time
Booking methods over time Shows the ways in which desks are booked day over day
Bookings by method Shows the percentage of bookings coming from each booking method
  • Kiosk - some customers have kiosks that allow for desks to be booked directly from the tablet on the desk
  • Mobile App - people are manually booking their desks from the mobile app 
  • Web - people are manually booking their desks from the web app
Booking methods by day of the week Shows the methods by days of the week to understand which booking methods are being used the most and the least each day of the week
Booking rate by building View bookings by buildings to understand which buildings have more desks that are being booked or unused. If there are a high amount of unused desks in a building, think about possibly reallocating space or reducing the overall real estate footprint. 
Booking methods by building View booking methods by building to understand how people are booking and decide whether anything should be adjusted.
Booking rate by department View the top 10 departments with the highest booking rates. 

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