Connect via service account

You can follow the video for a walkthrough on how to connect a service account or follow the steps in the article below.

Navigate to the Manage tab within Robin's web dashboard
 Select the Integrations tab, and click "Connect" Microsoft 365. 
You will be provided a pop-up window to choose how to connect to Microsoft 365. For our purposes, you will choose "Connect Service Account". 
You will be prompted to enter your credentials. Make sure to sign in using the service account credentials you want to integrate, not your own. Robin will then ask for permission to access calendar information in order to sync events. Accept permissions to proceed and complete your connection. 

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"You can't access this application"

If the pop-up window from Microsoft results in something like "Robin Powered Service needs permission to access resources in your organization that only an admin can grant. Please ask an admin to grant permission to this app before you can use it", you may need to update your Microsoft 365 settings to allow non-admins to sign in to apps like Robin.

For extra help, you can find the specific resolutions on Microsoft's Azure Consent error guide or in our extended guide for troubleshooting Microsoft Enterprise App access.

"Can’t connect with two-factor or multi-factor authentication"

* The service account cannot connect if it has two-factor or multi-factor authentication enabled. 

When you select your service account for Microsoft 365/Exchange, your personal or administrator account may be selected by default.

Close out all Robin tabs and open Robin in incognito mode/private browsing. Continue to the Dashboard > Manage > Integrations > Microsoft 365.

When asked which account you’d like to connect with, click “sign out and forget” next to your personal or administrator Microsoft 365 account. Type in your service account’s credentials and click accept.

Next up

Now that you've connected the app, let's connect a room calendar to a space in Robin.

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