Onboarding: Desks Setup

Robin can help you manage desks and seat reservations in your office. With a few clicks you can create a group of desks, add amenities, and configure them to support different flavors of seat reservations, including short term hot desking.


  • Admin
  • Desks trial or paid subscription

Allocate desks to employees, keep tabs on furniture counts, and manage an influx of new hires. We’re replacing the spreadsheet and clipboard method with our collaborative web dashboard, so you can assign seats and move employees when the team grows.

Get started and add Desks to your office.

Already set up your first group of desks in Robin? Skip to the bottom of this page for instructions on adding more from Manage > Offices > Add New 




Create a space
  • Select a building from the dropdown menu
  • Select a level from the dropdown menu
  • Enter the space where this desk group will be located


  •  Once you've selected a building, level, and space, go to Next: Create Desk


Create a desk group
  • Choose a group type - select the Pod or Table option


Pods are a close group of individual work stations. 

Tables are a joined group of desks.

  • Enter a name for your desk group

  • Add desks

    • Click on Add Desk
    • To remove a desk, select a green member icon


  • Once you've completed the steps above, go to Next: Customize Desk


Customize each desk
  • Determine the desk reservation type from the dropdown menu next to each desk
    • Assigned
    • Hot
    • Hotel
  • Choose an amenity from the dropdown menu or create your own


  • Select desks from the list to assign each amenity that you choose

  • Click on Apply to [#] selected 

  • Repeat these steps for each amenity you'd like to assign to desks in this group


  • Once you've completed the steps above, go to Next: Preview and confirm


Preview and confirm
  • To assign team members to desks, click on the green member icon. When you start typing names, members of your organization will appear for selection. Confirm the selected team member to assign them to a desk. When you assign a desk to a team member, they will receive an email alerting them to their new desk assignment.

    • Note: You can assign these desks later instead as new members join the team


  • To remove a desk, click on the in the upper right corner of the desk's box

  • Review the desks in this desk group and ensure all information is correct

  • Once you've completed the steps above, go to Confirm and create


Note: You can go back to a previous step at any time


Create and edit desks in Dashboard

You can create new groups of desks at any time under Manage > Offices > Add New. Select Desks from the dropdown menu. Follow the same onboarding process as above. 



Already created a desk and need to assign it?

You can assign a desk from a few places.

1. The main Dashboard search page


2. The space overview page (Manage > Office > Building > Space)



Edit Desks

Did you add an additional monitor? Or maybe change a hot desk into an assigned seat? You can make edits to desk type or amenities by going to the desk group page (Manage > Office > Building > Space > Desks)Click on the check box in the header to select all desks, or the check box next to a desk to make individual desk edits. 



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