Editing Maps

This guide assumes that you already submitted floor plans to your Account Manager and that the converted Maps were uploaded to your Robin account. 


Add your Map to the correct Level. Navigate to Manage > Offices > Building > Level. Select a Level and then Add a Map. Choose your uploaded Map and Save Changes.

*If Levels were not created for this building yet, go to +Add Levels to get started.



Go to Edit map. Once on the Maps page, go to Draw a space on the left toolbar. 



Find a space on the Map and trace it with your cursor. As you trace the outline, click in each corner of the space.
Assign the outlined area to a space in your organization. When you finish tracing and click in the final corner, you will be prompted to choose an existing space from the dropdown menu or create a new space (name and space type).



Adding place markers

Add markers to show folks points of interest around your office. When creating or editing a map, select Add a Marker


Place your marker at your desired spot on the map. In the left toolbar, you must enter the new marker name. Select from a few specific marker icons in the Marker Type dropdown menu. 


Editing or deleting a space on the Map

To make changes, click on a space you've traced on the Map. You can edit the name, space type, and capacity or Delete the space from the Map. To edit settings for a space, go to Edit in the left corner of the window.


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