Editing your Robin Maps

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This guide assumes that you already submitted floor plans to your Account Manager and that the converted Maps were uploaded to your Robin account. The video below walks through how to edit map space layers in just a few minutes.


Adding spaces 

Navigate to Map in the Dashboard toolbar. Go to Manage Maps.





Select a Level from the dropdown menu in the left toolbar. 



Select Filter and check that Spaces are visible. 



Select an existing space from the left toolbar then drag and drop it over to the desired spot on the map. Adjust the size and shape of the space as needed. This process is the same for scheduling spaces and desk spaces.


Once you've placed all of your spaces for this floor, select Finish editing.



Add more to your map

Follow this guide to add devices (e.g. room displays and status boards) to your map.

Looking to add points of interest? Right this way.


Editing or deleting a space on the Map

To make changes, navigate to Map in the top toolbar and select Manage Maps in the left toolbar. Click on a space you've placed on the map. You can adjust the shape of the space as needed or select Remove to remove it from your map.



Creating a space with more than 4 walls

Place the space on the map. Use the blue dots to add more walls to space. 




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