Editing your Robin maps to add spaces

Supported Scheduling Plans

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Premier


This guide assumes that you already:

  • Submitted floor plans to your Account Manager and the converted Maps have been successfully uploaded to your Robin account.
  • Created floors in Robin to assign your map to the corresponding floor. 
  • Created Scheduling spaces in Robin and now you're ready to place them on a floor plan. 

Watch the tutorial or follow the steps outlined below.

Placing spaces on your map 

Navigate to the Manage tab in the top tool bar. Select a (campus) > select a building > select a floor.
If you already have a map set up for that floor simply select Place spaces. If you still need to add a map, select add Add Map first, then select Place Spaces.


 (If you're looking to add Desks to your map select Layout Desks.) 
Select Filter and check that Spaces are visible. 


Select an existing space from the left toolbar, then drag and drop it over to the desired spot on the map.

Adjust the size and shape of the space as needed. If the space has more than 4 walls, use the blue dots to add more walls to the space (see image below). 


(For Desks, navigate to the Layout Desk tool.)

After you've placed all of your spaces for this floor on the map, select Finish editing. 

Add more to your map

Follow this guide to add device markers and other points of interest.


Editing or deleting spaces on the Map

For Spaces, click on the space you've placed on the map you wish to edit. Then adjust the shape of the space as needed or select Remove to remove it from your map.

  • For Desks, navigate to the Layout Desks page where you can do the following & much more:
    • Add Desks & Desk groups

    • Place, move, and rotate a Desk or Desk group.

    • Use the size slider tool to size all desks consistently.








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