Desks overview

This guide helps employees get started with desks.

Desk types

Different types of desks (i.e. flexible or fixed) have different rules for how you can book them. Your office's Robin admin may assign you to a fixed desk, or may give you permission to book a flexible desk (i.e hot or hotel).

Desk Type Reservation Duration When can I reserve this type of desk?
Hot (flexible) Up to 1 day only  Same day only
Hotel (flexible) 1-5 days or more In advance (like a hotel)
Assigned (fixed)  Permanent N/A (assigned by your admin)


Assigned desks

How will I know if I have an assigned desk?

When your office's admin assigns you to a desk, you will receive an email with those assignment details (i.e. floor and desk name/number).



Your current desk assignment is also always listed on your profile page (click on your Avatar > Profile).


Flexible desks

How can I manage my desk reservations?

You can reserve or cancel a flexible desk using any of the following:

If you don’t have an option to change desks, you may need to get help from your admin instead. When you reserve a flexible desk, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the details. The email includes a preview of your new desk’s location.


What should I do if someone is in my seat?

Sit next to them.

At the end of the day, what do I do with my desk?

Nobody likes a messy neighbor. At the end of the day, your desk will return to the wild. You can be a good neighbor by taking a minute to wipe down your desk of any coffee rings or other crumbs left throughout your stay.

Navigating your office

How can I find where other people sit?

Use the Office search page and select the Desks bubble to see who sits in a group of desks.

You may also zoom in on your office map to see names (i.e. First Name, Last Name initial) on the desks.



Looking for a specific person? Use the People tab to search for specific team members and find out where their desk is. 


Desk statuses 



Available The desk is empty, and you can use it.
Unavailable The desk is empty and cannot be booked.
Unable to book The desk is empty and cannot be booked, because it was turned “off” via configuration/distance planning.
Disabled The desk is archived and not active in any user-facing features. Admins may reactivate them. Your organization is no longer billed for the desk.
Active The desk is visible and actively managed within Robin. End-users may reserve or interact with it.


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