How do desks in Robin work?

This guide provides new Robin end users with a high-level overview of how desks work in Robin. If you want to jump-start your Robin journey and make your first reservation, watch this video!


How do I book a desk?

You can book a desk using the office map on the web dashboard and mobile app.


How can I manage my desk reservations?

To see a list of your desks head to your user profile on the web dashboard or on the mobile app. For a shortcut, follow the View upcoming desks link (captured above) found on the homepage of the web dashboard and mobile app. 


How will I know if I have an assigned desk?

When your office's admin assigns you to a desk, you'll receive an email with those assignment details (i.e. floor and desk name/number).  It will look something like this:


How do I check in to my desk?

Checking in to your desk is super easy! You can check in to your desk in a variety of ways. You decide what works best for you that day. 

  • Email notification

  • Web dashboard: Office map homepage or from your profile page

  • Mobile app: Check-in prompts & reminders when you open the mobile app. 

  • QR code/stickers on desks: Scan it with your mobile device to check in. (Note, that every office is set up differently & not all offices use QR codes)

  • Slack reminder notifications

  • Teams reminder notifications (hot/hotel desks only)


Is there a way to coordinate with my teammates? 

Yes! Robin's web dashboard and mobile app are designed to help you plan trips to the office around the people you care about. Follow this guide to learn more!

Can I reserve a desk for my co-worker?

Yes, if your user role has been granted desk delegation permission. Note the desk delegation permission is not included in the default member role.  


Desk types

In Robin, there are 3 different types of desks that have different rules for booking them. Your office's Robin admin may assign you to a fixed desk(assigned desk) or may give you permission to book a flexible desk (i.e, hot or hotel).

Desk Type Reservation Duration When can I reserve this type of desk?
Hot (flexible) Up to 1 day only  Same day only
Hotel (flexible) 1-5 days or more In advance (like a hotel)
Assigned (fixed)  Permanent N/A (assigned by your admin)

Desk colors on the map


The table below defines the desk colors on a map:  

Desk colors



Green Available The desk is empty, and you can use it.
Dark grey Occupied The desk is currently occupied.
Light grey (/) Unavailable/Unable to book The desk is either restricted or it's unbookable because it was turned “off” by an admin for distance planning.





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