Booking events

Robin makes it easy to find and book meeting rooms wherever you are based on amenities, location, and more. Try using one of the 3 tools listed below to book your first event. 

Web Dashboard
Mobile App 
Robin plugin for Google or Office365 


How to book events in the web dashboard

You can follow the video below or review the steps in the article for a tutorial on booking events with the Robin dashboard.

Option 1. Office Search 

Office Search helps you find the right space for the task at hand. It checks all spaces in your office to find the best matches for time, location, equipment, and number of people.



You also have the option to filter results based on different needs you may have for the event (e.g. If you're looking for a room with an Apple TV). 


From there you can book from the Booking results or from the Suggested Space images. 

Booking from Results

When you see something you like, you can click on either the Book Meeting button or one of the green pills to open the event composer for scheduling. 



Option 2. Create Event

This allows users to easily book meetings from the Robin dashboard. The Create Event button is accessible at the top right of the header in your dashboard. 


Upon clicking the "Create Event" button the Event Composer modal will popup, prompting you to enter in your meeting details. 


Now you can easily add available meeting rooms within your office, invite others by entering their email address (Robin syncs with your contact list to auto-complete invitee email addresses), and you also have the option to select your integrations (Zoom and BlueJeans) to include a video conference link if you wish. 


Book events with Google & Outlook plugins for Robin

With Robin browser extensions you can bring space search and extra office context (like amenities and optimal times) in your native calendar. 


Google extension:


 Click here to install the Robin extension for Google Calendar.  


Outlook Add-In: 


 Click here to install the Robin Add-In for Outlook & Office365. 


Check out our mobile app

The mobile app works just like your current scheduling apps, but with the added benefit of supercharging events booked to Robin-powered spaces. Download the mobile app for free here! 




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