Creating a template for a desk group

Creating a template allows you to save a desk configuration to quickly make multiple desks.  


Navigate to Manage Templates and click on Create new. 

Once you've created a template, you can return to this page to edit the template or delete it. 



Next, give the template a name, select whether the desks are a pod of seats or a table, then pick how many individual desks the template will create.

In this example, we have a template called Engineering pod, that will create 6 desks. 


After clicking Next, you'll choose the naming convention for each desk created with the template, the reservation type of the desks, and what amenities will be at each desk. 

In this example, the template will assign the names Desk 1, Desk 2, Desk 3, etc to desks in that group and each will have two monitors and a keyboard.  


When you've finished, click Save template. Once you've created and saved a template, you can return to Manage Templates to create new desks. Edit and delete templates from this menu as well. 



Using a template to create desks

Follow our guide here to start using your new template.

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