Using a template to create desks

If you created desk group templates, they'll appear in the dropdown menu when you add a new desk group. Haven't created a template yet? Right this way!

You can use a template to make multiple desk groups in the same space, or you can create a custom desk group. Go to Manage > Offices > Add New and select Desks from the dropdown menu to get started. 

desks-create-newgroup.pngIn this example, we’re indicating we want to use the Engineering pod template to create two groups for a total of 12 desks. Once you select your template and the number of groups you want to create with it, click Next.


Next, you'll name the desk pods you're adding in the space. Then select Create desks.


In this example, we're creating two new groups of desks (Front End Developers and Security and Ops) in the Main Work Area using the Engineering pod template. 

Editing Desks

If you need to make changes to an individual desk after it’s created with a template, you can edit it from the desk group page

Note: If you edit a template, it will not impact desks created before you made any changes.


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