Creating desks in Dashboard

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You can create new groups of desks at any time under Manage > Offices > Add New. Select Desks from the dropdown menu.



Choose a space to place your desks

Select your building, level, and the space you'd like to place your desks. If you haven't created a space for your desks yet, select Create a new space. Once you've selected where your desks are going, click Next.



Create a desk group

Create a group of desks to place within the space you selected in the previous step. If you've created a desk template, you can select this from the dropdown menu along with the number of groups you'd like to create. You can also configure a custom desk group. Once you’ve chosen whether to use one of your saved templates, or make a unique layout, click Next to create your groups.




Name your desk groups

Each group (e.g. pod, table) needs a name. Add a name for each desk group you’re creating and select Create desks


Assigning desks

Once you've created your desk groups, you're ready to assign them to folks in your office. You can assign a desk from a few places.

1. The main Dashboard search page. Click on an avatar in the desk group to assign it. 



2. The space overview page (Manage > Office > Building > Space). Scroll down and select the Desk group you'd like to edit. Then choose an avatar to assign a desk. 



Edit desks

Make changes to your desks at any time. Learn more here.

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