Creating desks using a template or custom desk groups

Choose a space to place your desks

Once you’ve created a space/work area for your desks, navigate to that space (Manage > Offices > select a space from campus and building)

You can add your first desk group at the top of this space page - select Add desk group:




If you've already added desks to this space and need to add more, scroll down to Desk groups and select +Add desk group:



Use a template or create a custom desk group

To create a group of desks, you can use an existing template. If you have several desk groups that are the same shape with the same number of desks, this is a great option. Follow our guide here if you don’t have any existing templates yet.

Next, select a desk template from the dropdown and specify the number of groups.


Name each desk group so users know what they are booking.desks.png

Another option is custom desk groups. In the desk group window, select create a custom desk group.


Name your desk group then select the type of layout, number of desks, group type & naming order. You will notice the desk group preview image will change shape based on the selections made to give you a better idea of the layout. Select Create Desk Group once you’re ready.

Note: the amenity amount is per-desk.




Edit desks

Make changes to your desks at any time. Learn more here.

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