Editing desks

Need to add an additional monitor? Or maybe change a hot desk into an assigned seat? You can make edits to desks at any time. 

There are two main desk management access points that we'll cover in this guide where admins can:

Option A: Office page



Option B: Manage page

Or navigate to the desk group page within a specific space (Manage > Office > Building > Desk Space ( > Desk Group).



Assign or re-assign a desk

Option A:

The fun way-- using the drag & drop tool (learn more here).

Option B:

Click on a desk on the Office map page >select & search for assignee.


Clicking the "edit desk" link captured in desk card on the map above will redirect you to the admin manage console captured in step 2 below.  

Option C: From the admin manage console, Manage > Office > Building > Desk Space > Desks.

Select the green + icon to assign a desk. If you need to re-assign a desk, select the current member's avatar and select remove. You can then assign a new member to that desk. 


Update desk type and amenities

Two options for desk type:

Option A. From the Office map page > Manage (inside the map) > Configuration > Select a desk > Select type. 


Option B. From the admin manage console, Manage (from top ribbon) > Office > Building > Desk Space > Desk group > select a desk.

Use the desk type dropdown to select assigned, hot, or hotel.

If a desk has an active reservation (someone is sitting there), you must end it before the desk type can be updated. If you change a desk from hotel to assigned, any future reservations for that desk will be canceled. 


Note: Hot and hotel desk reservations are available starting at the Pro plan.

To update desk amenities

Hover over the Amenities column & select edit amenities. From here you can adjust the quantity of the amenity or set it to zero to remove it. 


Edit desk group names & desk names

1. Admin Manage page (from top ribbon) > Office > Building > Desk Space > Desk group 

2. Select the Desk Group Name text field at the top of the desk group page and begin typing. To save changes, click anywhere outside of the text field.

3. To edit a desk name click in the Desk Name text field and begin typing. Click anywhere outside the text field to save changes. 


Add a new desk to a group

(Admin Manage page (from top ribbon) > Office > Building > Desk Space > Desk group )

On the upper right there’s a preview of the group’s layout that indicates where new desks can be placed. There’s also a counter to tell you how many more desks you can create in a group.


For a desk group shape with seats on both sides, the maximum number of desks is 12. For shapes that only have seating on one (think a table pushed up against a wall) the maximum is 6.

From the group desk previewer at the top of the page click a desk with a + icon.  A new desk will be added to the group. 


Scroll to the bottom of the list of desks to find the new desk. Use the dropdown menu to choose the reservation type. Then hover over the amenities column to add amenities.


Changing desks status availability (Maps required)

Adjusting the desk status availability is part of the distance planning tool which requires maps.

From the Office map page, navigate to Manage (inside the map) > Configuration > select a desk > use the toggle tool to make the desk unavailable/available.  In order for these changes to appear right away you need to publish "the draft". 


Disabling/enabling a desk

Option B. From the admin manage console, Manage (from top ribbon) > Office > Building > Desk Space > Desk group > select a desk.

On the far right, hover over a desk until the action menu ellipses appear > select disable or remove to delete the desk. 

Note: a disabled desk will not appear in search results and it will not count against your plan limit. 


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