Maps FAQ

Who can use Maps?

Maps are helpful for office managers, IT, and everyone else in the office. Maintain floor plan updates, track bookable spaces and desks, and quickly find coworkers around the office.  

Is this a wayfinding tool?

Absolutely! Navigate your way around the office and get all the room & desk info you need in one place.

Can I use Maps as a space planning tool for my office?

Maps enhance the users interactive experience leading to better discovery, understanding, and wayfinding within your workplace. Our Maps help folks in your office find and book workplace resources, such as meeting rooms and desks as needed. Without scale, ratios, and “true to life” depictions of furniture - you’re unlikely to find success using Robin Maps for space planning.

Why do you need to convert my map? Just use the original.

We set up Maps for you and make sure they’re compatible with our layers. Unless you knock down walls/rebuild, we let you take care of the rest. No need to reach out and wait a week or so for results.

Is Maps included with my plan?

Yes, Maps are included in all plans!

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