Maps FAQ & tips

Tips for submitting Maps

  • The floor plans should be clear of labels so structural details are visible.

  • Provide as much helpful information as possible so our team can convert and trace the map(s) accurately. (e.g. building name, floor numbers, correct orientation, any areas to exclude, etc. )

  • Only PDF, JPG, or PNG file types are accepted. 

    • If you cannot provide a map in one of the supported file types, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to 

How long does it take to see our maps in our Robin account? 

Most maps are ready within 2-3 business days. 

How will I know when my maps are ready?

If you're the Robin admin who uploaded the map, then you'll receive an email notification when your map is ready and available in your account.    

Who can use Maps?

Robin's interactive Maps are helpful for everyone; employees, office managers, admins, IT, and everyone else in the office. They give your team a live view of the office for easy wayfinding.

Is this a wayfinding tool?

Absolutely! Navigate your way around the office for real-time views of the people, spaces and desks in your workplace!  

Why do you need to convert my map? Just use the original.

We convert Maps for you and make sure they’re compatible with our platform. Unless you make major changes to your workplace layout (e.g.; knock down walls or rebuild), we let you quickly, easily, and independently make changes as your workplace evolves. 

What is included on the map? 

Our Maps team traces the structural parts of the office (e.g. walls & elevators). We don't include soft seating or cubicles today. More to come on that in the near future. 

Can I upload more than one map from the web dashboard?

Today, the map uploader tool supports only one map upload (the first map in the account). If you need to upload more than one map, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or for assistance-- the team is happy to help! 

What is the maximum file size? 


Are Maps included with my plan?

Yes, Maps are included in all plans!

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