Reserving a desk using the dashboard

Reserving a desk 

Follow the video below or review the steps in the article for a quick tutorial on how to reserve a desk. 


From Office search home page, select a floor from the dropdown menu >  select the desk tab.   


Choose the date(s) and time

A. By default the desk search page shows desks that are reservable right now until the end of the day. Adjust the times & date(s) you need a desk. 


If your office supports hotel desks, select the multiple days box to choose a date range. Tap the dates you need a desk for. To deselect a date, tap it again. Note: Multiple day reservations are for all day. For more customizable reservation times book the desk reservations independently. 

         B. Use the amenity filter to narrow your search based on particular resources.

Poke around at different desks on the map or from the list on the left until you find a good fit.

An info card will pop up with desk details including, available amenities & location >  select Reserve. 


If the desk is reserved or is a shared desk while an assignee is OOO it will show who is occupying that desk or who typically occupies the desk.

Changed your mind?

Select Cancel reservation for single day. For multiple day reservations select Change dates.  This opens a calendar modal where you can add or remove dates to your reservation. See below for more information on modifying reservations. 



Not seeing a map on the Office search page?

If your organization didn't set up office maps, your Office search page will be in a list format. 

1. Set the search criteria

Use the date, time, and amenities drop downs to narrow your search results. 


2. Select a desk

Click on different desks from the list to learn more. An info card will pop up with the desk details including, available amenities and location.

💡Tip: Hide unavailable desks to narrow the desk results. 



Afterwards, you’ll receive an email confirmation.


Reviewing & modifying your reservations

If you have any desk reservations, you'll see a blue "Manage my desk(s)" next to your user profile icon.

This takes you to your personal desk management page where you can review, modify, & end/cancel current or upcoming desk reservations.

Note:  If the desk reservation is in progress you'll see the option to "End reservation". If the reservation is for a future date you'll see the option to "Cancel" the upcoming reservation. 


Modifying multiple day reservations

Select change dates (captured above) and use the calendar (captured below) to add or remove dates to your reservation. 



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