Reserving a desk using the mobile app

Finding a desk to reserve 

You can follow the video below or review the steps in the article for a tutorial for more information on reserving a desk using the mobile app. 

If your office uses Maps, your default view is the interactive Map with the option to switch to a list view. 


If your office uses Maps your default view is the interactive map with the option to switch to list view.  You can reserve a desk or a space using the map. If your office doesn't use maps you'll see the list view


Open the app to the Office view.
Fill in the office location fields; campus, building & level. Note: Make sure you select a floor if your office has more than one level.

If you don't have a map view you can follow the steps for a list view here.

Choose the reservation date and duration. 

By default the desk search page shows desks that are reservable right now until the end of the day. Scroll to choose a different time frame and click set. 


If your office supports hotel desks you can select the "multiple days" checkbox in the bottom left corner.

Tap the filter icon to find a desk with particular tools and amenities (e.g. monitor & phone).


Green desks are available for reservations.
Zoom in to see where co-workers are sitting. Then tap a desk for the desk details and the option to reserve it.  


Reserving a desk via list view
Select a date, timeframe and amenities for your desk reservation. This is the same for map and list view interface.
Green desks = available. Search for a desk using the following: 


Suggested desks: These desks are suggested based on desks that you've sat in previously or are in the same pod or space you've sat in previously. Scroll left to see more suggested desks. 

Desk groups: Any desks available in a desk group on that floor is highlighted in green. Select a desk group to learn more.


 Tap a desk or select a desk under "Available Desks" to reserve it.



Afterward, you’ll receive an email confirmation and can review current and upcoming desk reservations on your profile page (Avatar > Profile), including ending early or canceling the reservation.



The email notification will look something like this:


How do I reserve a desk in the dashboard?

Follow our guide here to learn more


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