Adding points of interest to Maps

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Add markers to show folks points of interest around your office. You can create a custom point of interest or select one from the list, like an elevator or restroom. Folks can also use this guide to add Device markers to the map.

Follow the tutorial or the steps outlined below


On the Office search tab, select Edit floor drop-down menu located on the map > select Maps.  Or you can navigate to the Map tab in the top toolbar > in the bottom left toolbar click Manage Maps. (Not captured)


Select a floor from the dropdown menu in the left toolbar. 




A. Select an option from Points of interest category in the left toolbar, then drag & drop it where you'd like on the map. Select the checkmark to save it. 
B. For custom POI, drag & drop the custom icon to your desired place on the map and label it. Select the checkmark to save it. 
C. For device icons, name your marker & select the checkmark to save it. This can be repeated for Devices as well. 


Once you've placed points of interest for this floor, select Finish editing.



Adding "You are here" point of interest for Maps on Status Board

Help folks understand where they currently are in relation to the available spaces being displayed on the status board.

Need to set up a Status Board?

Admins, follow our guide here
Navigate to Map in the top toolbar then select Manage Maps in the left toolbar. 
Select a floor from the dropdown menu in the left toolbar. 
Under the Status Board tab, select the appropriate board to drag and drop it on the Map where the status board will be displayed. 


Select Finish Editing.  

Example of "you are here" on a status board:


Editing or deleting items on the Map

Navigate to Map in the top toolbar and select Manage Maps in the left toolbar. Click on the marker to make changes. 

Select the pencil icon to rename the point of interest. You can drag the marker to a different location or select Remove to remove it from your map.





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