Desks FAQ

Desks Setup

How many desks can be in a group?

Robin works best with 12 or less desks per pod. 

Can I go back & name my desks after initial set up? 

Absolutely! You may have noticed during the initial set up that desks auto-generate numeric names (Desk 1, Desk 2, Desk 3). This is great if you’re looking for a speedy onboarding. But perhaps later down the road, you're inspired to add a jungle theme to your office and want to rename the pods, groups, or desks to different types of animals - no problem! You can make edits to desk type or amenities at any time. 

Do I need to draw the desk spaces before placing the desks on a map?

Technically, no this isn't required today. You can actually place the desks wherever you want on the map. 

Do I need to scale the desks to fit in spaces on maps?

No, that's not necessary. Robin Maps & Desks are not a space planning tool. You can add Desks to Maps by dragging them into place and then re-sizing if necessary, but they aren't precisely to scale. Desks are great for learning more about your office and getting the most out of your space, but it's not designed for activities that require detailed measurements, like construction plans.

Using Desks

Who can use Desks?

Desks are helpful for everyone! The entire company can answer common questions like: “Where is my new desk?” and “Where does Sarah sit?” as well as allowing employees to choose where they want to work for the day. All in a platform where they already organize their work schedule.

What are the Desk reservation types?

Reservation Type Reservation Duration Can I reserve in advance? Who can reserve?  
Assigned Desk Permanent Yes  Admin  
Hot Desk 1 day only No  Member  
Hotel Desk 1-5 days or more Yes, like a hotel  Member  


As an admin, can I reserve a desk on behalf of others?

Yes, admins can reserve desks for employees from the office search & the map view

Can I turn off email notifications for desk reservations?

Yes, for bulk desk assign seats via CSV import, but not on individual seat assignments. After you upload the filled out CSV, you will have the opportunity to choose whether or not to push out emails to alert members of their new desk assignment or any changes that were made.



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