Customizing your Status Board

Supported Products

  • Scheduling

Supported Plans

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Premier


Customize your Status Board(s) to show availability only on specific floors or specific spaces. For example, some offices may want to only show spaces that regular employees can use or only show a specific wing of the building. To do this, create a custom list of spaces to pair with a Status Board following the steps below.

Configure a board
  • Robin Admins can set up new boards in Dashboard. Go to Manage Devices Status Boards Add a board


  • Name the board based on its specific location in your office
  • Select board type: Scheduling
    • Note: Maps are represented on a per level basis already. 
  • Click Next


  • Select building & floor
  • By default, all spaces are selected to show on the status board for that building & floor. Deselect a space by unchecking the box next to a space name (E.g. Uncheck on-demand spaces). 


  • Click Next
  • Configure privacy options to manage info displayed on each board.
  • Click Activate status board


Copy the link
  • Once you’ve activated the board, copy the unique Status Board URL
  • Paste the URL to a device that is broadcasting your status board in the office (e.g. mini PC or Chromecast).


Customizing the Status Board logo

Status Boards and Room Displays use the same custom logo. To add or update the logo, navigate to Manage OrganizationBranding Room display.

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