Setting desk reservation permissions

Supported Plans

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Premier

Once you've created custom roles, add permissions. Admins for Premier plans can set more granular permissions for desks to control which roles can reserve and assign desks. 

Who can reserve which desks?

Under Manage > Roles  click the role you would like to edit. In the permissions table, navigate to the Desk Management section. Here you can choose and edit which desks a member in the organization can reserve, and whether or not they can reserve on behalf of other members.



Reserve: Choose the locations, levels, and spaces where a member can or can’t reserve a desk.

Assign: Allows members to self assign a desk in the spaces of your choice.

Bypass booking policies: Users with the role of Admin can always bypass booking restrictions. This grants a member who is not an admin, the ability to bypass booking restrictions in certain spaces.

Delegation: This allows a member to reserve a desk on another member’s behalf. Without this selection checked, members can only reserve a desk for themselves.



A few things to keep in mind

  • Only Premier plans can create custom roles with custom permissions.
  • Basic and Pro plans can view the permissions for Admin, Owner, and Member, but can’t edit.
  • Desk reservation policies are available for Pro and Premier plans. You'll find those settings on the space and desk group management pages.
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