Setting desk access permissions

Supported Plans

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Premier

Once you've created custom roles, add permissions. Admins for Premier plans can set more granular permissions for desks to control which roles can reserve and assign desks. 

Under Manage > Roles click the role you would like to edit. In the permissions table, navigate to the Desk Management section. Here you can choose and edit which desks a member in the organization can reserve, and whether or not they can reserve on behalf of other members.



Reserve: Choose the building, floor/desk space(s), and desk groups where a member can or can’t reserve a desk.

Assign: Allows members to self-assign a desk in the space(s) of their choice.

Bypass booking policies: Users assigned to the default Admin role can always bypass desk reservation policies. This permission grants a member who is not an Admin, the ability to bypass booking restrictions in certain spaces.

Delegation: This allows a member to assigns & reserve a desk on another member’s behalf. Without this selection checked, members can only assign & reserve a desk for themselves.


A few things to keep in mind

  • Only Premier plans can create custom roles with custom permissions.
  • Basic and Pro plans can view the permissions for Admin, Owner, and Member, but can’t edit.
  • Desk policies are available for Pro and Premier plans. You'll find those settings within the desk layout tool or at the building level (via Manage > Offices > select office building), depending on if you want the policies enabled for specific desk groups or all desks in a building. 
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