Setting up amenities for room scheduling


When searching for a room it's important to make sure you book a space that has the correct equipment to accommodate your meeting. Robin's amenities feature allows you to call out what equipment is available in each room, so the folks in your office can search for spaces based on the amenities that are available.   


Setting up amenities 

Follow the video below or review the steps in the article for a quick tutorial on how to set up amenities.


As a Robin admin you can assign amenities by navigating to a space in your office, click Manage on the left. Then scroll down, and choose from the list of amenities. 



From the start Robin provides a set of default amenities, however, we know the list of default amenities may not cover all of the equipment that lives in your office.

That's why a Robin admin can create custom amenities by navigating to Manage > Amenities, then click the Add amenities button.



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You can add amenities to Desks in your office too, right this way

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