Getting Started with Desks


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Setting up desks in Robin will give people in your office the power to book and move their own desks. This guide will show you how to get started.

We'd recommend watching our quick overview before moving onto the steps below:

Review your office layout

Before diving into Robin, review your office floor plan and get the lay of the land. Questions you should answer:

  1. Assess your current floor plan
  • Do you divide the office into "neighborhoods", or work areas?
  • Do you know how to locate all of the desks in your office? (e.g. do desks have names like "Pod A" or "Bravo 5"?)
  • How do you group desks (e.g. long line against the wall, clusters of six)
  • How many groups of desks are in each work area?
  • How many desks are in each group?
  • Where will each work area and desk be placed on a map?


  1. Assess current desk reservation types
  • Which desks will be assigned?
  • Which desks will be flexible? (i.e. hot or hotel reservation)


  1. Assess your current desk amenities
  • Do some desk groups have common amenities? (e.g. keyboards, additional monitor)
  • Do some desks have special amenities? (e.g. standing desk, sound proofing, yoga ball instead of a chair)

Build your office in Robin

Now that you understand how your office is currently laid out, you'll use this information to begin building desks in Robin.

    1. Set up amenities for desks Optional
    2. Create a work area for desks

Do you have several desk groups that are the same shape with the same number of desks? Use a template to speed things up!

  1. Create a desk template Optional
  2. Create desks from a template Optional

Have a few unique desks or desk groups you'd like to create individually without a template?

    1. Create custom desk groups in the dashboard Optional

Bit of both? We recommend using templates for the more common groups and setting up custom desk groups for more unique shapes.

Tie it all together on a map

  1. Add and manage desks on your map

Now that you’ve set up and mapped your desks in Robin, review this Desks FAQ for everything you should consider from set-up to launch.


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