Getting Started with Desks


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Setting up desks is quicker and easier than ever with our new desk layout tools. 


Review your office layout

Before diving into Robin, review your office floor plan and get the lay of the land. Questions you should answer:

  1. Assess your current floor plan
  • Do you divide the office into "neighborhoods", or work areas?
  • Do you know how to locate all of the desks in your office? (e.g. do desks have names like "Pod A" or "Bravo 5"?)
  • Will every desk on the map be reservable or will some be off-limits to book for safety reasons?


  1. Assess current desk reservation types & desk reservation policies
  • Which desks will be assigned?
  • Which desks will be flexible? (i.e. hot or hotel reservation)
  • Will all of your people be able to book desks anywhere, or will some groups have special booking permissions for desks they are allowed to book?
  • Will there be a maximum amount of time that desks can be reserved for?
  • Will there be a maximum advanced booking date to restrict bookings to the near future?
  • Will you allow users to share their assigned desk for someone else to book when they are out of the office?


  1. Assess your current desk amenities
  • Do some desk groups have common amenities? (e.g. keyboards, additional monitor)
  • Do some desks have special amenities? (e.g. standing desk, sound proofing, yoga ball instead of a chair)


Build your office in Robin

Now that you understand how your office is currently laid out, you'll use this information to begin building desks in Robin.

1. From the Manage tab, select your building and desired floor. From the floor map, choose layout desks to begin. Within the layout desks tool, you can:

     A. Add desks to the map or reposition them. 

     B. Create linked groups of desks with a common group name and positioning. 

     C. Edit desk names

     D. Change the desk types between hot, hotel, & assigned. 

     E. Add amenities to desks

     F. Duplicate entire desk group configurations.

     G. Define desk reservation policies per desk group. 

2. Once you've got your desks laid out with the right naming, amenities, type, & policies set up, head to the office tab to view the results. From the Manage menu, in the top right on the office map, you've got a few helpful shortcuts to finalize your desk setup. 

     A. Configuration

     B. Assignments

     C. Maps 

     D. Desk layout





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