Google Calendar Extension: Beta Preview


What's changing 

The new extension works alongside Google calendar to help people find the optimal time and space for office activities like meetings, conversations, and focused work.


What it does

Activity-based booking makes it faster and easier to schedule for the activity at hand, whether you're meeting with others or blocking time for heads-down work. Short-cuts to suggested people and spaces help get a meeting on the books quickly, for a time that works for everyone. 

In line notifications call out event changes or conflicts and highlight opportunities to optimize activities by moving them to a better spaces or times.


Click "Add a space" to pull in a space that's available and a good fit for the number of invitees. Refresh options for a new space, or click "Search for more spaces" to return to the familiar list view. From here, select from all available options or filter for specific space types or amenities. 



Like any good personal assistant, the extension surfaces the most useful information about activities upcoming today, and provides high level summaries to help plan tomorrow and next week.



Launch details 

The new Extension Beta is rolling out now for current Robin customers who use Google Calendar on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari. 

This tool helps end users manage their schedule and find available spaces within their office. 

Join the Beta

We're on the lookout for folks who live on the edge and are interested in early access to some of the new features we are building here at Robin.

Participating in the process at this stage gives you the opportunity to help shape how new features work -- and ensures they're solving the right problems for you and your team out of the gate. Want to join? Sign up here

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