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Supported Plans

  • Basic
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For a more detailed look at your desk usage, admins can download a copy of desk reservations in CSV format via Analytics > Exports > Desk tab. This feature is available for Pro plans & above, with total time range available increasing per plan:

  • Pro: 60 days
  • Premier: Any range

Select the date range (up to 90 days in the future) and click Email Download Link. You will receive an email with a link to download the report. Note: The link expires after 2 hours. 

Common Pitfalls

The data is stored in UTC. We recommend adding an additional day on each end of the export date range to ensure all relevant data is included for your timezone.


What is a CSV file?

A CSV is a comma-separated values file, which allows data to be saved in a table format. A CSV looks just like a spreadsheet but is saved with a .csv extension


Desk history data breakdown: 


Field Definition
Organization This is the name of the organization where the desk reservation took place.
Building The name of the location the desk resides in.
Floor The level the desk resides in.
Work Area The name of the space the desk resides in.
Desk Group The name of the group the desk resides in.
Desk ID The ID number of the desk in the Robin system.
Desk Name The human-readable name of the desk. This is the desk name that appears in search results and other parts of the user interface.
Reservation ID The unique identifier for each reservation, regardless of type. If the reservation is part of a multi-day series, the Series ID appears as a prefix followed by a formatted timestamp that represents the start time of that specific instance in the recurring series.
 Series ID For multi-day desk reservations created on the web (and coming soon, mobile), this is the unique identifier for the reservation as a whole. For single-day desk reservations and older, non-recurring reservations (where a multi-day reservation was a single, continuous block of time), this is blank.
 Type Hot, Hotel, or Assigned. 
 Start When the desk reservation started. Reported in UTC time.
 End When the desk reservation ended. Reported in UTC time.
 Hour Duration

This is the duration of the desk reservation specified in hours down to 2 decimal places. This includes hot, hotel, or shared desks ("reverse hoteled") reservations. This field will be blank for assigned desks.

 Checked In At The time at which a reservation was manually or automatically checked in. 
 Canceled At

The time at which a reservation was canceled by a user. 

Cancellation type:

This indicates how the reservation was canceled. There are 2 types:

  • Automatic: Canceled via abandoned desk protection.

  • Manual: Canceled programmatically by the API or by an end-user.

 Creator Name Name of the person who made the reservation.
 Creator Group All groups that the creator is associated with. If a user is associated with more than one group, the group names will be separated by commas.
Creator Email Email of the person who made the reservation.
 Assignee Name Name of the person for who the desk reservation was for.
 Assignee Group(s) All groups that the assignee is associated with. If a user is associated with more than one group, the group names will be separated by commas. 
 Assignee Email Email of the person who the desk reservation was for. This includes non- Robin users who are assigned a desk by an email address only. 


The export will look something like this:


Missing data

Any new or modified reservation made in Robin will not be reflected in an export until the following day. Data is synced overnight between 9pm EST and 9am EST. 

Example 1: 
It’s Monday morning and a user decides to book a last-minute desk for this afternoon. As an admin, if you downloaded a desk export for today's date, you would not see this reservation in the export until tomorrow morning because the data has not been synced. 

Example 2:
Last week, a user booked a desk one month in the future but decided to modify the reservation earlier this morning. If an admin pulled a desk export today, they would not see the modified reservation until the following day because the data has not been synced. The export would reflect the state of the reservation as of yesterday.

Event or space exports 👉 right this way.

People exports 👉 head this way. 

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