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For a more detailed look at your desk usage, admins can download a copy of desk reservations in CSV format via Analytics > Exports > Desk tab. This feature is available for Pro plans & above, with total time range available increasing per plan:

  • Pro: 60 days
  • Premier: Any range


Select the date range and click Email Download Link. You will receive an email with a link to download the report. Note: The link expires after 2 hours. 


What is a CSV file?

A CSV is a comma separated values file, which allows data to be saved in a table format. A CSV looks just like a spreadsheet, but is saved with a .csv extension


Here's a guide to the fields in the desk history export:

  • Organization: This is the name of the organization where the desk reservation took place.
  • Building: The name of the location the desk resides in.
  • Floor:  The level the desk resides in.
  • Work area: The name of the space the desk resides in.
  • Desk Group: The name of the group the desk resides in.
  • Desk ID: The ID number of the desk in the Robin system.
  • Desk name: The human readable name of the desk. This is the desk name that appears in search results and other parts of the user interface.
  • Reservation ID: The unique identifier for each reservation, regardless of type. If the reservation is part of a multi-day series, the Series ID appears as a prefix followed by a formatted timestamp that represents the start time of that specific instance in the recurring series.
  • Series ID: For multi-day desk reservations created on web (and coming soon, mobile), this is the unique identifier for the reservation as a whole. For single-day desk reservations and older, non-recurring reservations (where a multi-day reservation was a single, continuous block of time) , this is blank.
  • Reservation Status: Cancelled or Confirmed desk reservation.
  • Type: Hot, Hotel, or Assigned. 
  • Start: When the desk reservation started. Reported in UTC time.
  • End: When the desk reservation ended. Reported in UTC time.
  • Checked in at: The time at which a reservation was manually or automatically checked in. (This field does not yet apply to most customers, only beta program)  
  • Hour duration: This is the duration of the desk reservation specified in hours down to 2 decimal places. This includes hot, hotel or  shared desks ("reverse hoteled") reservations. This field will be blank for assigned desks. 
  • Creator name: Name of the person who made the reservation.
  • Creator Group:
  • All groups that the creator is associated with. If a user is associated with more than one group, the group names will be separated by commas.
  • Creator email: Email of the person who made the reservation.
  • Assignee name: Name of the person who the desk reservation was for.
  • Assignee group(s): All groups that the assignee is associated with. If a user is associated with more than one group, the group names will be separated by commas. 
  • Assignee email: Email of the person who the desk reservation was for. This includes non- Robin users who are assigned a desk by an email address only. 

The export will look something like this:



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