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Supported Plans

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Premier

For a more detailed look at your desk usage, you can download a copy of your desk reservation history in CSV format via Analytics > Exports > Desk tab. This feature is available for Pro plans & above, with total time range available increasing per plan:

  • Pro: 60 days
  • Premier: Any range


Select the date range and click Email Download Link. You will receive an email with a link to download the report. Note: The link expires after 2 hours.

Here's a guide to the fields in the desk history export:

  • Organization name: This is the name of the organization where the desk reservation took place.
  • Location name: The name of the location the desk resides in.
  • Level name:  The level the desk resides in.
  • Space name: The name of the space the desk resides in.
  • Zone name: The name of the group the desk resides in.
  • Desk ID: The ID number of the desk in the Robin system.
  • Desk name: The human readable name of the desk. This is the desk name that appears in search results and other parts of the user interface.
  • Status: Cancelled or Confirmed desk reservation.
  • Type: Hot, Hotel, or Assigned. 
  • Start: When the desk reservation started. Reported in UTC time.
  • End: When the desk reservation ended. Reported in UTC time.
  • Hour duration: This is the duration of the desk reservation specified in hours down to 2 decimal places. This includes hot, hotel or "reverse hoteled" (shared desks) reservations. This field will be blank for assigned desks. 
  • Creator name: Name of the person who made the reservation.
  • Creator email: Email of the person who made the reservation.
  • Assignee name: Name of the person who the desk reservation was for.
  • Assignee group(s): All groups that the assignee is associated with. If a user is associated with more than one group, the group names will be separated by commas. 
  • Assignee email: Email of the person who the desk reservation was for. This includes non- Robin users who are assigned a desk by an email address only. 

What does the status “cancelled” or “confirmed” mean in the context of desks?

Unlike spaces, desks do not have a mechanism (e.g. room displays) that requires users to check into a desk to confirm their seat reservation. If a desk reservation is not canceled then it is marked as “Confirmed”.

A desk reservation is marked as “Cancelled” if it was ended by the user or admin before it occurred. Or if it was ended a few seconds after it was created.

Example 1:

  • John makes a hotel desk reservation on April 01 to sit in Desk 05 from April 10 to April 13.
  • On April 08, John cancels the reservation.
  • The reservation status is Cancelled.

Example 2:

  • Sally makes an assigned seat reservation for Jane at Desk 10, set to begin on October 12th.
  • On October 11th, Sally decides she wants to put Jane at Desk 05 instead and ends Jane’s upcoming assignment for Desk 10.
  • The reservation status for Jane at Desk 10 is Cancelled.

Example 3:

  • Bill is reserving a desk and accidentally clicks on the wrong desk.
  • Bill quickly clicks on the desk icon again & selects "End reservation".
  • Bill’s 3-second reservation status is marked as Cancelled.


If a desk reservation ends before it’s scheduled end time, the end time is updated to reflect the actual length of the reservation.

Example 1:

  • Fred books a hot desk from 9am to 4pm. Fred decides to end the reservation at 3:30pm.
  • The report reflects the updated end time of 3:30pm.

Example 2:

  • George assigns a desk to Ron. The end time is recorded as January 19th, 2038
  • George then removes Ron from the assigned desk, because Ron moved to another team.
  • The end date of Ron’s reservation reflects the actual end date of the reservation when Ron was removed from the desk.


Here's an example of what the export will look like:


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