Setting up amenities for desks

Amenities allow you to call out what equipment or features are available at each desk, so folks in your office can search for desks based on the amenities they need to complete the task at hand.


Admins, navigate to Manage > Amenities.

You’ll find a list of default amenities. To create a custom amenity, select the blue Add amenities box at the top of the page.



Enter the name of your amenity, then select Desk.




You can add more amenities from this popup window. Once you’ve added all of your custom amenities, select Save.


Assigning amenities to desks

Once you’ve added amenities, you can assign these as you create desks -

  1. Follow the guide here to create a template for desk groups and add amenities for the desks in that group.
  2. Follow the guide here to create custom desk groups and assign amenities to the group.



You can add amenities for scheduling spaces in your office too. Learn more here.
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