See how each of your spaces stack up, including which spaces are busiest and which spaces are underutilized.

From the Robin dashboard, navigate to Analytics > Leaderboard. Using the interactive board, click the column headers to view the information in different ways. You can also filter by location and date range.

Here's what it looks like in action:


Each column explained, in order:

  • Color: Red indicates a decrease in activity compared to the previous time range, and green indicates an increase.
  • Space: The space's name
  • Meetings: Number of meetings that took place on the room's calendar in the range
  • Change: The change in number of meetings compared to the last time range
  • Share of all meetings: The percent of total unique meetings at this office location that this space was responsible for
  • Occupancy: During a standard work week, how much time was this room booked for?
  • Total Meeting Hours: Cumulative time of all meetings that took place in this room
  • Capacity Utilization: Compares average meeting attendees to available capacity
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