Reserving a room using the mobile app

Once you have the mobile app open, navigate to the Office tab.  From here you can search for an available room (and/or desk) for impromptu meetings or for future events without having to scurry back to your computer. 



Confirm or select the office location


Select the office location you want to book a room in. If you've selected a default location in the web dashboard, you'll default to that location in the mobile app as well. 


If you'd like to view spaces for another location, click the arrow next to your current location and select a campus, building, and level from the dropdown menus. 


If you belong to multiple organizations which run Robin, you can change which company you view from the dropdown menu in the header.







Set the search criteria


Search for a space by date and time of the event. To help Robin help you find the optimal room for your activity filter by amenities, capacity, and space type.


For example, if you know you're looking specifically for a meeting room that fits 4 people and includes video conferencing for additional invitees, you can find the exact space using filters. Narrow the list of spaces to those which meet your criteria.





Book your room


Tap on the space to book it and view the space in more detail > Book now or New Event


Watch the video below for a quick overview. 




Looking to reserve a desk? Right this way!

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