How to fix “Someone is already using that account with Robin” error


To understand why this error happens, it's important to note that the SSO login method establishes a user account integration. This error message most commonly pops up when admins/owners are:

A. Trying to connect a personal email account for the office calendar integration (not recommended) that was also used to login to Robin. Or

B. Trying to connect the dedicated booking user or service account for the office integration, but you or a colleague logged in via SSO using the dedicated booking or service account, instead of a personal user account. 

The key thing to note here is you cannot integrate an email account more than once or in multiple locations. And logging into Robin via SSO establishes an email integration under the user profile for that account. 

"How do I fix it?"

Follow this quick tutorial or the steps outlined below

Step 1: Decide which Google or Microsoft email account to pair with Robin

We highly recommend pairing or integrating Robin with a generic booking ("service") account instead of a personal one. Something like or It’s best to think of the booking ("service") account as an invisible booking assistant for your office and it should not additionally be used as a general member user account. 

Note, if you choose to use a personal account for the integration you must login to Robin via username & password method, not SSO. 

Step 2. Disconnect the email integration under the user profile

Navigate to the user settings by clicking on the Avatar > Settings > Integrations.





Step 3. Connect your calendar system with Robin

Now that the "user integration" connection has been removed you should be able to connect the booking user or service account successfully on the organizational level. Follow the guides below for a point of reference. 


Additional tips to keep in mind:

  • We advise against using the service/booking account as a general member user account to keep schedules running smoothly.

  • If you're a trial account and prefer to use a personal email account for the main calendar integration, keep in mind you cannot login via SSO. You'll need to login with a username and password or else you'll hit the red error message. If you have login troubles with a password, follow the "Forgot password link"  to create new login credentials. 






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