The Robin Slack App


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Before jumping in, review the integration requirements 

For the Robin Slack App

  1. Company Slack account Integration on the organizational level Office Manager

For event notifications 

  1. Company Slack account Integration on the organizational level Office Manager
  1. Personal Slack account Integration on the user level

 Now let's get started 



The Robin Slack app is a great way to quickly look up which spaces are free, check on your own schedule, and receive friendly reminders about for your upcoming events. Once the company Slack account is integrated by an admin, you can get to know your "Robinbot" and setup your own Slack notifications. 


Install Slack for your office

As an administrator in Robin, open Manage > Integrations and find the Slack option.


This will open a window where you can sign in to your Slack team.



Select your Slack team, then authorize the app: 


Once you press "Authorize", Robin will connect to your Slack team automatically and can be found via the Team Directory. Invite it to a common channel, or just leave it as a DM-only tool.



Skip to setting up Slack event reminders

Now that Slack is integrated for the organization, you're ready to set up event reminders. Click here to learn more.

The Robin Slack App

When you add the Slack integration for Robin, a new bot user will join your team's Apps. Once connected, you can invite Robin to channels or groups. 

For example, we invited "Robinbot" to our channel related to all things in the office, (#office) using the /invite @robinbot command, or just message it directly (see below). 


Note: Robin will not join any of your channels by default and will respond when mentioned directly in a public channel, or when directly messaged in a private chat.

Here's what Robin can help with

You can see a list of commands by saying @robinbot help. Or review the list below. It may respond to other (unreleased and in development) things too, but this is the officially supported list

Supported Commands:



Examples of how Robin can help

See room availability

Ask Robin what's free or simply type free to get a look at room availability in your office. If your organization has multiple buildings, Robin will show spaces in your default location; however, feel free to spy on other offices by specifying which location you're looking for: what's free at (location name) 

Check on your own schedule


Slack notifications for your upcoming events 

Slack must be integrated on the organizational level before you can connect your own Slack account for personal event notifications. 

Setting up Slack notifications

Connect your Slack account under your user profile to receive event notifications by navigating to your avatar > settings > Integrations. Scroll down and select Connect.


If you're not able to select the connect button, reach out a Robin admin for assistance. 


Click on Sign in with Slack.


From here, click Continue in the Slack popup window to authorize access to your Slack account. Be sure that the dropdown in the upper right corner is set to your organization's connected workspace. 


Once you’ve connected your account, you’ll receive a Slack message confirming the integration was a success.


How do Slack notifications work?

Need a reminder for your upcoming meeting? We’ve got you covered with Slack notifications.


You’ll receive a reminder message in Slack 5-10 minutes before your next event begins. If you’re the event organizer, you’ll receive a reminder to confirm your event


Click the Confirm button to check into your event from the Robin Dashboard. 


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