Meeting Room Approvals (Google & O365 users)

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The meeting room approval feature is designed for rooms that host “special” events-- spaces like auditoriums, training rooms, interview rooms, or other types of spaces.  When the "request only" setting is enabled for a space, a designated admin has to approve the meeting reservation request before the organizer can move forward with other event details like adding invitees, to complete the event booking.     


Common Pitfalls

Similar settings need to be configured in Google and/or Outlook for a consistent experience. This way, if rooms are booked using your native calendar(without Robin involved), users will still follow an approval flow and admins can manage meeting room approvals in Robin or their native calendar. Refer to the resources linked below for guidance:


How to configure meeting room approvals

Admins can choose which spaces require approval before users can officially reserve the space.

To flag a space as "request only" navigate to Manage > Office > Building > Select a space > Schedule configuration > check "Request only" option.  request_only.png
Next up, connect a room calendar.  

This is required for scheduled and request only spaces. Choose your calendar system, then enter the email address for your room. Refer to the following guides for further assistance on connecting a room calendar: Google  or Office 365.


Common Pitfalls

If you already have a room display paired to a "request only" space or plan to pair a display to show when the space is in use, it is best practice to ensure the "Impromptu meeting" setting is disabled for that space. Otherwise, users will hit an error message when trying to create an impromptu meeting.  Check out this guide for room display settings.


Assigning designated approvers 

Admins can manage which users are authorized to approve or deny meeting room approval requests with the custom roles & permissions feature. Learn more about configuring custom permissions here


How it works as the requester

"What does a space that requires approval look like?"

Spaces that require approval will appear in the search results in both the extension and the dashboard, however, the requests can only be completed using the dashboard. Note, the mobile app doesn't support meeting approval spaces yet. Spaces that are "Request only" spaces will not be visible in the mobile app.  

Spaces that require approval will be flagged with a "Request this space" note and will have a "Create request" button option. 

Take a look at the image below to see the difference between a "bookable" space and "meeting approval required" space.  


In the extension,  the space search will look similarly,  but you'll be redirected to the event composer in the Robin dashboard to complete the request.

When a space has a pending approval, it will appear as "on hold" until the request is approved or denied, so other users won’t see that space as available. 


"How do I create an event in a space that requires approval?  

Using Office 365?

You'll need to complete 3 extra steps so Robin can manage approvals smoothly:

  1. Enable Personal Booking on the organization level.
  2. The person making the request is part of the same domain (e.g., "") as the room's calendar.
  3. The person making the request has connected their individual O365 calendar to Robin.

Without these changes, the admin approving the meeting may hit an error that looks like the image below and the event approval response cannot be completed. 


To submit a meeting room approval request, select a green time pill or the "Create request" button next to the space you want to reserve. Like a typical space booking, this will open the event composer where you can add the meeting details.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind for this type of booking request: 

  • The following fields in the event composer are required in order to move forward: title, date & time, & estimated number of invitees.

  • Invitees can be added to the event once it's been approved. 

  • Meeting services, like catering, can be added, but they will not be submitted to the designated service provider until the space has been approved. Meeting services cannot be added to the event after it's been approved. 
  • Conference call links must be added at the time of the request.  Zoom or Bluejeans links cannot be added to an existing event later. 
  • Users can add only one space per approval request.

  • If you're an admin your event will automatically be approved. 


"Who receives the request?

  • By default, admins are designated meeting approver(s). When a new meeting room approval request is submitted admins will receive an email notification, as well as, a notification in the dashboard. 
  • The designated approver will then be able to accept or reject the request.Screen_Shot_2019-11-05_at_1.16.34_PM.png

"What's next after submitting my request?"

While the request is pending, you, the organizer, can see the event on your calendar, but the space response is flagged as “tentative” until it's approved or declined


When a space has a pending approval, it will appear as "on hold" until the request is approved or denied, so other users won’t see that space as available.on_hold.png

The organizer of the event will receive an email notification when an admin responds to the request. (see image below) 


Once the event is approved the only thing left to do is add invitees. This can be done from your calendar or within the web dashboard. Navigate to your event from the "view request" link in the event approval email notification or locate your event on the room calendar to finish the event booking. 

What happens if the event is declined?

If an admin declines your request that means the space will RSVP "no" or decline the invitation to your event. Keep in mind if you're the organizer of your own event (you own your event, not the booking user), the event will still live on your calendar, but without a space or any invitees attached. 

add_details.gifNote: After the space has been approved for the event, editing abilities are limited to the title only.  All other event details cannot be changed. If you need to make more significant changes, like date, time, location, etc. you'll need to cancel the event and submit a new request. 

How it works as the approver

By default, admins are the designated space approver(s). When a new space request is submitted, admins will receive a notification in dashboard, as well as, an email notification. 

The dashboard meeting  room approval request notification will look something like this:



The email meeting approval request notification for admins will look something like this:


From there, select the event or "view request" to review the meeting details and select accept or reject. If you choose to reject the request you have the option to add a note, and/or require more information. 

Meeting room approval request will look something like this:  


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