Hitting "Building timezone missing" error on mobile?

Are you trying to reserve a desk for the first time and hitting this roadblock? Not to worry, this is a quick fix with the help of an admin.

"Why am I hitting this error?"

Robin requires each building in your office to have a timezone set before you can complete a desk reservation in that building. This setting is required in order to ensure desk reservations start and end at the correct time to help keep your office running smoothly.

If you've hit this error message, most commonly on the mobile app or map kiosk, reach out to a Robin admin for your office who can configure the timezone settings for your buildings. Admins, follow the steps outlined below. 


How to fix it


To set a timezone for each building,  navigate to ManageOffices > select the edit pencil icon next to the building. 



From the building details modal, select the appropriate timezone for that building location. Repeat for each building. 



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