Getting Started with Workplace Services


Robin's Workplace Services are designed to help offices manage special support requests for events and spaces around the office. They provide detailed configuration options to help ensure meeting organizers can connect with the right person from the service team for things like food & beverage requests, help with room set up, or space request needs. 

Depending on your plan, workplace services may include:

A.  Meeting services 

B.  Room requests 

C.  Issue reporting services 

Admins can customize & configure workplace services by navigating to Manage in the top ribbon > Workplace services on the left sidebar. 


A. Meeting Services

Users can easily add available services when creating or editing an event right from the web dashboard. Simply enter a description of the request and desired time of service, and the request details will be submitted to the assigned service address. Service providers will receive the request & any updates to the schedule via email, keeping everyone in the loop.

Meeting services include:

  • Facilities = Building management & maintenance, space set up assistance, & etc. This can also be used for issue reporting from room displays. 

  • Office admin = Space & event assistance 

  • A/V & Tech = Equipment & Audio/Visual

  • Catering = Food & drink 


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B. Room requests

The Room requests configuration is designed to help point users towards contacting an admin if they need to book an event in a room with the "admin only" mode enabled. 


The workplace services page, is where admins can set an address for users to contact when they are trying to reserve admin only spaces.


Want to learn more about the "admin only" setting? Head this way


C. Issue reporting services

Support services are a way to give folks easy access to help desks and other key contacts in your office. The Issue reporting feature is one of the service addresses that can be configured under the Workplace Service page in the Robin dashboard. This enables employees to swiftly report a facilities issue, e.g. light bulb replacement, to the right service team and is most commonly used from the Robin Rooms app on room displays.



To learn more about issue reporting services and configuration steps, head this way!


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