How to add a meeting service to your event

How to add a meeting service request 

If you have permission and the space supports services, you can add event services using the Robin dashboard.  More versions of this feature will be coming soon. 

Pro Tips: 

  • Not all spaces are configured the same. If you're not seeing the service you need, try another space or reach out to an admin for assistance. 
  • Workplace services are not supported on events marked "All day". If you need to create an event that spans over the course of the day,  select the specific hours of the event, like 9am to 6pm, to access a service. 
  • Workplace services are not supported on events with more than one space attached.
  • If you're reserving a "Request only" space that also requires a service request, be sure to add the service request is in the initial meeting approval submission. This is important because once the meeting is approved, you won't be able to edit or add workplace services, like catering, to your event. 
Create an event 
Using the Robin dashboard, search for a space and select the room and time that works best for your event. Or use the "Create event" button in the top left corner. This will open the event composer where you can add your event details. 


Select service
A service request box will populate in the bottom right corner >  Click in the box to view the available service(s) for that space; catering, A/V + tech, facilities, or office admin. 
Note, that selecting a space is required before you can add a workplace service.

When adding meeting services to your event there a few things to keep in mind:

  • Not all spaces will have the same services. If you're not seeing the service you need, try another space or reach out to an admin for assistance. 
  • You can add more than one service type to your event, e.g. catering & facilities.
  • If an event requires multiple touch points from one service, bundle the requests into one.
    • For example, morning beverage service and catering at lunch, or set up and break down services from facilities. 
Add description
Enter a description to include directions & desired time. For example, you can create an hour long meeting from 4-5pm and request that facilities set up the room at 3:30pm. Or create a day-long event and request lunch at 12:30pm.
Save & book event 
Click Save and fill in any remaining event details > select "Book now". 


What to expect as the organizer of the event

  1. Robin sends the service request to the service email address configured for the event location and service type, which will include; meeting organizer, location, requested service, requested time and date of service. Information regarding the agenda of the event and attendees are not included in the service request.  
  2. The invitees or attendees will not see the service request details in the event invitation or when viewing the event from their schedule
  3. As the organizer of the event you can review your meeting service request on the event details page. Captured in the image below.


The image above is from the event organizers viewpoint.

 "Need to edit your event?"

If you've booked the event as yourself (user calendar account connected + "Allow personal booking" is enabled for your office), then you can make edits to the event, including the meeting services. 

    • If you need to change the room, first delete the meeting service request and then choose a different space.  Note: you will not be able to make edits to the event, like changing the room, if you've reserved a "request only" space.
    • If any edits are made to the event the invitees/attendees will receive a notification regarding the change.
    • If any edits are made to the logistics of the event, like the time, then the service provider (e.g. A/V+ tech team) will be notified via email.   


"I've added a service to my event, now what?

  • The service provider will receive an email notification including the following details; meeting organizer (with a contact link), location, requested service, requested time and date of service.
  • If you make any edits (as the event organizer) to the logistics of the event, the service provider will be notified via email.

 Email notification will look something like this:


Reviewing events with meeting services

If you're an admin power scheduler, manage catering for the office, or want to simply check your scheduled meeting services, you can view any upcoming events that include a service request from the Schedule view page

Navigate to your office schedule view tab and select Workplace services requested from the "highlight events" filter. This will highlight any upcoming event with a service request. Click on the event to view the details. 


 Admins, looking for steps to set up meeting services for your office? Head this way. 

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