Getting started with the mobile app

Bring your office anywhere! Use the mobile for easy access to all the tools and resources you need for a productive day at the office. 

Download the mobile app

Tour the mobile app using the links below 

The Pass tab

The Pass tab is more than just your office pass, it is a one-stop-shop where you can:

The office tab

The office tab provides a real-time map of your office where you can:

The People tab

Use the People tab to star the people you connect with regularly and easily see when they're heading into the office and where they're sitting, so you can join them!  


The schedule icon

The schedule icon is a view of your upcoming events where you can:

User profile + settings 

The profile icon is where you can manage app settings, check for app updates, find help and give feedback. 


Manage app settings

Find help and give feedback 

  • See what's new for the latest product updates
  • Check for app updates for the best user experience
  • Send feedback
  • Troubleshooting tips


Additional troubleshooting guides:

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