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A trial is the best way to explore and discover all that Robin has to offer for a great workplace experience. Running the office is a group effort, so teams need a shared view of the workplace and everything in it. In this guide we are going to focus on desk configurations & planning. 

Get to know the fundamentals

Start with the basics 

Add your office

If you've logged into Robin before, you can skip this section.

  1. Start a trial Office Manager
  2. Create your first office Office Manager
All trial accounts start on the Pro plan and include maps, desk & space management, interactive kiosks, and much more. Follow the guide from top to bottom to jump start your desk trial. 

Desk trial set up 

Easily see what desk is assigned to who or support a flexible work culture by empowering teams to choose their desks for the day (or more).

Follow the steps below to add desks to your Robin trial office.  These steps are required before jumping into organizing desks on an interactive map.  


      1. Create a work area for desks. In order for desks to appear in your Robin office and on a map, the desks need to live in a "space or work area".  The desk "spaces or work areas" also need to be associated with a floor in a building. If you haven't added floors to your buildings, do that now. 
  1. Create desks using groups/pods or desk templates. Then these desks can be dragged onto a trial map, which is covered in the follow steps.   
  1. Add a trial map   Assign a trial map to a floor in your test office. 
  1. Tie it all together by placing the newly created desks onto the trial map.


Next up

Managing your floor plan

This is a discovery phase to learn how Robin can help you manage your workplace. Take some time to become familiar with Robin's desk functionalities & features so you're ready to hit the ground running when it's time to configure your personalized office in Robin. 

Organize each desk with full control over amenities, locations, and assignments from the same place.

  • No more spread sheets-- rearrange your seating chart with the drag & drop tool for assigned seating.
  • Plot out what seats can be used & identify average office capacity with our Distance Planning tool.
    • Stagger the number of seat assignments per day to maintain proper social distancing requirements.

Will your office include flexible seating, assigned, or both? Explore additional features like amenities, desk reservation policies  & desk sharing strategies. 

            1. Setting hotel desk policies Optional
            1. Setting desk reservation permissions Optional
            1. Desk sharing Optional


The employee experience

Go even further with your trial  



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