Desk Check-Ins (Beta)

Use desk check-ins to remind employees of upcoming reservations and provide your team with a more accurate view of desk demand and availability (hot/hotel desks only).


Private Beta Feature

Desk check-ins are an invite-only beta feature. Contact your Robin rep to learn more!


Enabling desk check-ins

Admins can enable desk check-ins for a desk group, desk space, or for an entire building.

Navigate to Manage > Offices > select a building > ( or to apply it to a particular desk area) > select a desk work area > ( or to apply it to a particular desk group) > select a desk group), scroll down to "Desk reservation policies" section > toggle the "Desk check-ins" setting. 

⭐ The more granular setting takes precedence over higher level settings. 


Configuring the Advance Check-In Window 

The desk check-in window works similarly to the event confirmation window for meeting spaces. It is a building-level setting that determines how far in advance someone can check into a desk. Admins can set the check-in window from a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 12 hours. To tie check-ins closer to actual presence, set a shorter window. If advance booking (ex: booking more than a week in advance) is more common, consider setting a longer window.

Navigate to Manage > Offices > select a building > scroll down to "Desk reservation policies" >  Advance check-in window.  


  • If a user books a desk within that window, they’ll automatically be confirmed.
  • If a user books a desk outside that window, they’ll be able to confirm the reservation as soon as the check-in window opens.

Here’s a peek at how the check-in window logic works:



Checking in to a desk reservation

You can check in to a reservation any time from the start of the confirmation window to the end of the reservation.

Check-in reminder email

When a reservation is booked ahead of the confirmation window, the reservee will receive a check-in reminder email at the start of the confirmation window.

Clicking Confirm in Robin will direct you to your user profile page, where you can check in or cancel.


Checking in from the user profile via dashboard:

Once a reservation is past the start of its confirmation window, you can check in via web dashboard or mobile app prompts.   

To check in via dashboard, select the "Manage your desk(s)"  link under your avatar. This takes you to your user profile page where you can manage your desk reservations, like checking in.


Checking in via mobile app:

The desk check-in prompt will automatically pop up if you open the mobile app (on any of the three mobile tabs) during a desk reservation confirmation window. 


 ⏰ Users need to check in every day for multiple day reservations.


Viewing check-in data

Admins can review when or whether a user checked in via the "Checked In At" column found in the Desk data exports.  It will look something like this: 


Common Pitfalls

Are you within the desk check-in window and still not seeing the check-in prompt on mobile? Try refreshing the app by closing out and re-opening the app. 


Need help informing your team?

Don't send without review

This example aims to provide a suggestion for your email announcement and we've highlighted in red the pieces that probably need extra attention. Be sure to give it all a thorough read so that it fits your office environment.

Subject: Desk check-ins now required via Robin

Hi everyone,

We're launching a new policy in Robin that will send you an email reminder and ask you to confirm your Robin desk reservations.

You'll book your desk as you normally would through Robin, but now you will receive an email asking you to confirm your desk booking 2 hours before the start of your desk reservation.

Here's what to expect:

  • There is a 2 hour confirmation window set up, so if you need to book a reservation that starts within that time frame of the next 2 hours, we'll automatically check you in to that reservation and won't send you an email reminder.
  • If you have a multi-day reservation, we will send you an email reminder for every day you have a desk booked in case your plans change.
  • Other than email—you can also confirm or cancel the reservation by signing into Robin on the web or your mobile app.

The goal of this is so that we know if you're still planning to come into the office to use your desk reservation. This allows us to maintain a safe capacity, and helps us to make sure we can track who was in on any given day and where they sat for safety reasons.

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