Desk Layout Tool (Beta)

Private Beta Feature

The desk layout tool is an opt-in beta feature. Contact your Robin rep to learn more!

 This guide assumes that you already:

How to get started

Open the Office page in dashboard 
Choose a floor, then select Manage > Layout (Beta).   


Add desks to your map

A. Click on any default template from the left-hand panel to add that pod configuration to your map. Once added, you can click and drag the pod where it should be located on your map. Use the red lines on the map to align new pods with existing pods on the map.


B. You can rotate a pod using the 15 degree button on the right-hand panel or using the rotation knob that appears at the top of the desk pod. 

🔥 Hot tip: Hold shift to rotate in 15º increments.  


C.  We’ve provided default pod shapes to get you started, but you may need to create your own custom pod configurations to mirror the seating arrangements in your office. Creating custom configurations will likely require you to combine several of the default pod layouts and then add or delete single desks as needed.

For example, to create a pod of 12 desks you may choose to combine two of the default pods of 10 desks and then add 2 desks. 


D.  If you need to separate desks from a previously created pod, simply hold down shift + select the individual desks you wish to separate. The pods cannot be ungrouped. However, you can delete individual desks from the group.



Saving a pod configuration

All desks you add to your map will initially be “ungrouped” (i.e. they will appear in red).

To save a specific pod configuration, select all desks (hold cursor +drag) you would like grouped together and click the Create pod button.


🔥 Hot tip: Have a custom pod configuration you need to reuse across your floor plan? Use the duplicate button to copy it as many times as needed.


Keyboard short cuts



Change the size of desks on your map

 Use the Desk Size slider to apply a standard size to all desks on your map.


Name desk pods and individual desks

A. When first created, both pods and desks are assigned a default naming convention (i.e. Pod 1, Desk 1, etc.). To edit the default names of both the pod and individual desks, click on the pod and type new names into the text boxes.

B. As you click on the text box for each desk name, you’ll see the corresponding desk highlighted in blue on the map. This will help ensure you're naming each desk within a pod correctly.



Save and publish changes

When you’re ready to save your changes, click the Review and publish button (which will appear in blue once all desks on your map have been grouped). Before finalizing your publication, you’ll be able to review a summary of the changes made to your map. 


⭐ Reminder: All changes go live immediately when you publish (i.e. there are no “drafts” for desk set-up).


Common Pitfalls 

A few things to keep in mind:

All desks need to be grouped in a pod before you can save your map.

If you group multiple pods together, the initial spacing will remain as you drag the group around the map. The pods cannot be ungrouped. However, you can delete individual desks from the group.ungroup_desks_B.gif

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