UX/UI Improvements (Beta)

Private beta feature

This Office search UI is in beta testing. Contact your Robin rep to learn more!


We have several new enhancements within Robin’s interface, with a hope of delivering a better user experience and enhanced look and feel of our product. The new Office search UI gives greater real estate to your office map, leading to better discovery, understanding, and wayfinding within your workplace.


Key Highlights:

  • The new office tab shows all elements of the workplace on the map, making it easier to find a meeting room or desk near your team. Users can see all spaces/desks from the Map, but only the resources users have access to book (and are available) will show as “green” and available to reserve.
  • The default state of the Map is “now”; picking a date and time will update the availability and status of the floor based on the new time.
  • Users only have access to book the available spaces/desks that they have permission to book.
  • Disabled desks will show as “crossed out” and will be unavailable to book on the map.


How it works

When you open Robin, you'll see your office map showing availability of both spaces and desks for "right now".  Click a resource from the map to preview the details and book it. 

Use the date and time drop downs to select a different reservation date. You'll notice the map updates to display the status of the floor's available resources based on the new time. 

Click the campus name (e.g. Boston HQ), building name, and/or floor to view the map of another location in your workplace. 


Clicking on “Spaces” or “Desks” reveals resource-specific filters for capacity, amenities, and/or type if you're looking for something specific. Including the option for multi- day desk reservations. 



Booking a resource

Reserving a Desk

By default the search page shows desks that are reservable right now until the end of the day. The start/end times respect your office's work hours. Adjust the times & date(s) you need a desk. 

Multi- day desk reservations

Select the desk bubble to focus on desk specific search criteria. Then use the date picker to open the calendar to select the multi- day check box option. 


After setting your search criteria, poke around the map to find a desk you like. An info card will pop up with more information including available amenities & location >  select Reserve. 

Note: Multiple day reservations are for all day. For more customizable reservation times book the desk reservations independently. 

Afterwards, you’ll receive an email confirmation that will look something like the image below. You can always refer back to your desk reservations under your user profile too. Screen_Shot_2020-06-04_at_2.21.49_PM.png

Reserving a Space

Click a space from the map to preview the details and book it. Select the Spaces bubble for additional space search criteria to find the optimal space for your needs. 

When you see something you like, click on the Book Meeting button or one of the green time pills to open the event composer and complete your booking. 




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