UX/UI Improvements (Beta): Reserving a space using the office search page

The Office search UI provides greater real estate to your office map, leading to better discovery, understanding, and wayfinding within your workplace. 


Robin makes it easy to find and reserve the best space for your office activities, wherever you are, with scheduling tools at your fingertips. Robin provides dynamic scheduling experience like interactive maps, calendar extensions (Google , Outlook for O365, or, on-premise Outlook), mobile app, & web dashboard, to help you find the optimal space for your activities. For this guide, we are going to focus on reserving spaces using the dashboard. 


Reserve a space using your Office Map

By default, Robin uses the following space status colors to help users find a space quickly. Note, status colors are customizable and may vary. 

  • Red = In use 
  • Green = Available 



1. Use the Office search home page

A. When you open Robin, you'll see your office map showing availability of spaces (and desks) for "right now".  You can begin clicking a spaces on the map to preview the details and book it for "right now". 

B. To view the map of another location in your workplace, click the campus name (e.g. Boston HQ), building name, and floor. 

C. Use the date and time drop downs to select a different reservation date. You'll notice the map updates to display the status of the floor's available resources based on the new time. 



2. Explore your options

Click on spaces on the map to open a modal to view the space details & accommodations, including; available amenities, potential meeting service options, & scheduling policies.

When you see something you like, click on either the Book Meeting button or one of the green time pills to open the event composer to complete the booking. 

Note: If you see spaces that say "Create request", those are special spaces that require approval before you can officially reserve the space. Learn more here. 



3. Complete the booking

Use the event composer to fill in your event details & complete the booking.






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