Abandoned desk protection (Beta)

When someone books something in advance, there’s always a chance that plans will change and they may not end up needing what they’ve booked. Use desk check-ins and abandoned desk protection to get a clearer picture of who’s using which desks and when.


Beta feature

This feature is currently in beta. If you'd like to learn more, reach out to your Robin account rep!


Enable abandoned desk protection

To enable abandoned desk protection, you must first enable desk check-ins:


(Today, abandoned desk protection can only be enabled at the building level. Enabling it at the floor and/or desk group level is coming soon.)

Set the abandoned desk threshold

After you've enabled abandoned desk protection, you can adjust the abandoned desk threshold. This is the time to wait before an unconfirmed desk reservation is canceled:

threshold_setting.png💡To give employees a reasonable grace period for checking in, we recommend setting the abandoned desk threshold to at least one hour.

How it works

When employees reserve a desk that has desk check-ins and abandoned desk protection enabled, they’ll need to check in sometime between the start of the confirmation window and the end of the abandoned desk threshold.

Example: A desk has check-ins and abandoned desk protection enabled, with a one-hour advance confirmation window and a two-hour abandoned desk threshold. If a user books a reservation for tomorrow starting at 9:00 am, they’ll need to check in between 8:00 am (one hour before start) and 11:00 am (two hours after start) in order to keep their seat.

To learn more about the different ways employees can check in to a desk, head this way!


What happens when a desk is released

When a desk reservation is released through abandoned desk protection, the reservation is canceled rather than deleted. The user’s reservation will still appear on the desk export, with the "Canceled at" field indicating when the reservation was released and with the "Cancellation type" field indicating how it was canceled (automatically or manually). 

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