Office Pass prerequisites

Passes allow employees to book & check into their desks through Robin on designated days, and can help teams manage and monitor capacity with confidence as their offices reopen.

To use Office Pass successfully you need to have maps and desks configured first. Follow this checklist and you'll be up and running in no time.

First things first, do you have maps set up?

Yes, we have maps set up! Skip to the next section.

No, we don't have maps set up. Follow the steps below to configure your office maps and add your existing spaces to the maps.

Simple steps for maps

    1. Admin provides blueprint (usually a PNG, JPG or PDF floor plan) to Robin Account Manager
    2. Robin designers convert the blueprint by tracing structural outlines and uploading the floor plan into dashboard
    3. Admin traces and assigns spaces.
    4. Add floors to your building and assign a map for each floor.
    5. From a floor map, place spaces and add points of interest for your users to navigate the office easily. 

Next up, create desks on your interactive map

Now you're ready to create office passes

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