Creating teams (beta)

Use the People tab on the mobile app to see when the people you connect with regularly are heading into the office and where they're sitting, and join them!

Creating a personalized team

Create one team of as many people as you'd like. Don't worry, the people you choose to be on your team will not be notified. You can edit your team at any time too. Note, you can only create one team. 

Open the mobile app and navigate to the People tab. 
Tap Create team from the prompt at the top. 


Begin searching for teammates-- enter their name or scroll through the list. 

Think of the people on your team as "favorites"; like folks you often collaborate with, direct team members, lunch buddies, managers, etc.

Tap the + button to select a person. Tap the blue checkmark to unselect a person. People are not notified when selected for a team.
Once you've selected all your teammates, tap the blue Create team button at the bottom to save your team. You'll notice all the folks on your team will be surfaced to the top of your People tab for easy finding. 
If you need to edit your team, select Edit in the top right corner and tap the blue checkmark to unselect a person, then save your changes. 


Viewing team schedule

Now that you've created your team of "favorites", you can easily see when they'll be in the office and where they're sitting over the course of the next week. 

Tap See who's in this week at the top. 
You can see a day-by-day scrolling view of all of your "teammates" who have a desk reservation or assigned seat scheduled for the week. 
Tap on a teammate to see where they'll be sitting and scroll around the map to find a seat next to them.


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