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With safety in mind, coming back into the office can feel like the first day all over again, but with Office Pass you'll know if you can use the office when you can use the office, where you can sit in the office, and what you need to do before heading in, making trips to the office a little smoother. 

Your office pass lives in the "Pass tab" on the mobile app and looks like an "access card". It gives you access to book a desk on designated days and in designated office buildings according to your office pass rules. 

The Pass tab is more than just your office pass, it is a one-stop-shop where you can view your access details, book a desk, take the health checkpoint survey (if required), and/or check in to your desk reservation (if required). 


Viewing access details

From the mobile app, tap the Pass tab.

This is where you'll see your branded pass card(s) with your access details, including which buildings are available for you to use, and which days you're able to use the office. 

You can book desks according to your Office Pass rules.  We provided some examples below to help illustrate the Office pass experience.  

On mobile

Example A:  Lauren has multiple passes: a Boston- All Access pass that grants her access to book desks at the Boston building on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and an Early riser pass that grants her access to book desks at the Toronto HQ on Tuesdays & Thursdays. 


Example B:  Lauren does not have a pass and does not have access to book desks in her office. 


Example C. Emily has a Boston- All Access pass that grants her access to book desks at the Boston building on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Emily decided it's better if she works from the Boston office today and books a desk from the Pass tab according to her Office Pass rules. 

Because Emily made a reservation that starts < 4 hours and her Boston office requires her to complete a health checkpoint survey before heading in, Emily is automatically prompted to complete the survey after making her reservation. 

On web dashboard

Example A: The user has a pass that grants them access to book desks (or spaces) at the Boston office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


Example B. The user does not have permission to use the office on Wednesdays and is suggesting the user try again on Thursday when they do have access. And you'll notice the "book a desk" and/or "find a space" buttons are no longer visible. 


Example C. The user does not have any access to book Boston. 


Planning your next visit

Next up, schedule your next trip to the office by booking a desk according to your Office Pass rules. 

Tap Find a place to work. 

If you have multiple passes, use the drop-down menu to select the office you want to visit.

This takes you to the office search tab to complete your desk reservation. 
  • If your office uses the health checkpoint survey then the survey will automatically open if you made a reservation that starts in < 4 hours. (captured below)
  • If your office requires desk check-ins and you book a desk within the confirmation window, your reservation will automatically be confirmed.

Before heading into the office

Before heading into the office, you can review your upcoming reservation details including, your desk location & reservation time.

If your office has policies, like desk check-ins and health surveys, you'll also see a reminder checklist to complete those requirements before heading in-- this can be done right from the Pass tab (captured in the next GIF). 


Complete your health checkpoint right from the Pass tab: 



Reviewing your upcoming reservations

You can also look over your upcoming reservations by following the link at the bottom of the Pass tab. 


Create your "favorites"

If you haven't created your favorites yet, you should! Tagging co-workers as "favorites" helps you see at-a-glance when the people you connect with regularly are heading into the office and where they're sitting, so you can join them. 

Follow the Star your favorites prompt at the bottom of the Pass tab or head to the People tab to get started. 


View your schedule

You can view your upcoming meetings on your schedule and create a new meeting by tapping on the calendar icon in the top right corner:


User profile and settings

The user profile icon is where you can manage app settings, check for app updates, find help and give feedback. 


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