Getting started: New users (duplicate)

Looking to jump start your Robin office journey?  You've come to the right place! This quick start guide will help you learn all the basics to get going.

Join your organization

You can join your company's Robin account one of two ways:

By email invitation

If you've received an email invitation to join Robin, get started by clicking the link inside the email. Keep in mind that each invitation is unique, usable once, and can only be accepted by the email it was sent to. Invite link expires after 2 weeks. 


Click the link in your email invitation. It will take you to a registration screen for the Robin web dashboard.


Create your account using the same email address which received the email invitation. Then complete setting up your user account.


Common Pitfalls

If you hit an error message, reach out to your internal office admin to request an invitation to join your organization's Robin account.

Single Sign-On (SSO) with your work email address

If your Robin administrator has enabled single sign-on, you may sign in using your existing credentials for either Google Workspace, Office 365, or SAML.


Open your web browser and go to


Enter your work email, then select your desired single sign-on method and use those credentials to log in and complete the OAuth workflow.



Download the mobile app

Robin has a free mobile app for iOS and Android phones. Scan the QR code with your phone or follow the links below. Then follow the steps to log in to the mobile app for the first time. 


They work best when connected to wifi or cellular data, and are running updated operating systems. This means iOS 12+ and Android 5+ on a supported device.


How to book a desk

Let's try booking your first desk using the mobile app! 

Mobile app:


Tap Book a desk. 

If you visit more than one office, use the drop-down above to select another office > then tap "Book a desk"




Tap the date you want to book a desk for.



Now you're on an interactive floor map where you can easily see what desks are available and where they're located. 

A. If you need to change floors, buildings,  dates, and times use the drop-down options at the top. 

B. To book a hotel desk for multiple days, tap the calendar icon & toggle on the "Multiple day booking" option, then tap the dates you need desk for. 



Tap a green desk on the map to see more information and the option to book it.

Web dashboard:

After logging in to the web dashboard, you'll land on the Office tab, this is where you'll search for desks and spaces to reserve using an interactive map (or a list if your office doesn't have maps configured).  2022-02-16_16-29-14__1_.gif

  • If your office requires the health checkpoint survey & you've made a reservation that starts within the active survey window then the survey will automatically open for you to complete it. (Captured below)

  • If your office requires desk check-ins and you book a desk within the confirmation window then your reservation will automatically be confirmed.

How to book a room 

On mobile

Tap Find a space. This takes you to the Office search tab where you can use the interactive floor map to find and reserve the best fit space for your meetings, events, and activities. 



On web dashboard

From the office search page, click Find a space and select your meeting details and criteria. For a deeper dive into event bookings, head this way!


View your desks reservations 

On mobile

You can also look up your upcoming reservations by following the link at the bottom of the Pass tab. 


On web dashboard

You can manage your desk reservations and/or seat assignments under your user profile. 


View your meeting schedule

On mobile

You can view your upcoming meetings on your schedule and create a new meeting by tapping on the calendar icon in the top right corner:


On web dashboard 

Office search tips 

  • Desk status colors to help you find a desk quickly:
    • Green = Available 
    • Dark grey = Occupied, click to see who is occupying it. 
    • Grey Slash (/) = An administrator made the desk unavailable for use. Reach out to your office admin to learn more. 
  • User permissions: You can see all spaces/desks from the map, but only the resources you have permission to book (and are available) will show as “green” and available to reserve.
  • Office access: Robin will call out the days you do and don't have permission to use the office. You'll notice the "book desk" button is not emphasized and the desks appear faded on days you don't have access. 
  • Office hours: Your office may restrict reservations to working hours only and we'll let you know when you're attempting to book outside of office hours. 
  • Office capacity: Robin measures your office capacity--calling out the total number of desks that are available to book and when the office has reached capacity and no longer accepting desk reservations for that day.  Note, assigned desk types are not included in the capacity count and appear as unavailable. This is because "assigned desks" aren't bookable. 
    • As an employee, this helps you understand if you need to plan on working from home or plan for heading into the office.  


Office policies to have on the radar 

Note, not every office implements these office policies, so if this doesn't sound familiar skip this section.

For example, you can complete your health checkpoint right from the Pass tab on the mobile app: 



Coordinate your schedule with co-workers  

Starring your favorite co-workers makes it easy to see which days they're scheduled to be in the office and where they're sitting, so you can grab a seat next to them.

We'll prompt you to Star your favorites on the Pass tab or you can do it from the People tab. 


Why is there a sticker on my desk?

Scan the sticker with your phone to find a desk, book a desk, and check in to a desk. Learn more here!


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